Anaïs, Ana & Mihai

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This site uses PicasaTM Web Albums to display the galleries, twitter to show some feeds and Blogger to show the heading.

Eclipse IDE was used to edit the entire site, Gimp was used to edit some images, Apache HTTP 2.2 is the HTTP server and all this was running on Ubuntu 9.04.

jQuery and jQuery UI power the nice UI and calls to external sites. Plugins like PWI, Slimbox 2, History and BlockUI make everything fit toghether.

The site was tested sucessfully with Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. The site is known to have problems with IE6 but... you should really get another browser if you are still using this (even on NT4 there's Firefox 2 available so... you have no excuse for using such a bad browser).

Your suggestions, critics, or any kind of words are welcomed but please don't expect to answer all your mails as we severely lack the time. Maybe, when she'll grow up a bit, Anaïs will take over in this area ;).

You can contact us via email, at

Please don't spam as we have an automatic spam filter and we're not even seeing the emails about African dictators, rich relatives that recently died or amazing manhood enhancements.

As there are no automatic spam filters for postal mail or for prank phone calls... you will excuse us for not publicly displaying this information. If you're a friend you'll certainly know/find a way to contact us.

Ana & Mihai

Our older pictures, from Bucharest, Krakow, Venice, Paris and all the places we've been when we were young and careless.

Anaïs, Ana & Mihai

Our family, with our beautifull daughter, Anaïs. All public pictures, all information and everything we like.

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This is my age!